The Calf

Saturday, 22 February 2014
2670ft/810m ascent
Trail 100 #24

Windy .. is the best way to describe this walk.

We parked in Sedbergh and walked along the valley floor through sodden fields to Cautley arriving muddy and a bit annoyed at the slow progress.

Cautley Spout

As we walked towards the waterfall (Cautley Spout) we wondered why there were some people sliding down the steep grassy bank. Perhaps they had been watching the Winter Olympics and were practising snowboarding.

The reason was obvious when we started to climb .. the grass slope was soaked, wet like a sponge, and even with good boots the surface was like an icy pavement.

Half way up the bank a strong gust of wind knocked us both from our feet and sent us sliding 20 feet back down the hill. Bruised pride and a banged wrist, but no serious injuries.The Calf

The next part of the walk followed the stream up a sheltered valley ascending towards the summit. And then we reached the ridge where the Westerly wind over 40 miles an hour made the climb to The Calf (2218ft/676m) and the next two miles, over Calders (2211ft/674m) very difficult walking.

The Calf - Windswept Summit




The descent back to Sedbergh was a relief as we found a sheltered route and got back to the car before the rain.




Starting at the Sedbergh car park  (SD659923).

The Calf Route


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