Moel Hebog

Saturday, 29 March 2014
2400ft/730m ascent
Trail 100 #27

Manchester United and Aston Villa delayed our departure for North Wales. We drove through Betwys-y-Coed waving at Sue and John as we passed. So it was after 4pm before we set off to climb Moel Hebog (2569ft/783m). This mountain rises with a huge pyramid shaped cliff just West of Beddgelert. We passed three guys on their way down who commented it was a little late to be setting off for the summit. We reassured them that we’d be up and down within two hours – and we were!

Moel Hebog - Cliffs

Given the time we took the most direct route there and back. This is a steep slog up the front and then a scramble up the edge of the cliff to reach the flat grass topped summit. I think the slope is about 1 in 4 for the whole 2 kilometers.

The weather was peculiar. The climb was made difficult as a strong wind swept around the crags and buffeted us all the way up and back down – but the actual summit was almost still as the sun started to dip behind the mountains.

Moel HebogMoel Hebog - Trig  Moel Hebog - At the TopMoel Hebog - Beddgelert Valley

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Starting at the Beddgelert car park  (SH588481).

Moel Hebog Route


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