Sunday, 13 April 2014
3395ft/1035m ascent
Trail 100 #29
3000ft #19 & #20
Wainwright #128, #129 & #130

We set off alongside Glenridding Beck and passed a group of foreign visitors leaving the Youth Hostel, they pointed at the low clouds and asked if we expected to see anything from the top. Fortunately for us the wind quickly blew away the clouds as we followed the track up to the broken dam in Brown Cove, before climbing the steep North West ridge of Catstycam (2,920ft/890m).

Catstycam - North West RidgeCatstycam

Catstycam is a perfect pyramid of a mountain and from a distance the North West ridge looks like an impossible task, but there is a narrow path that winds up between the rocks. Buffeted by the wind we then set off carefully along Swirral Edge towards the towering cliffs of Helvellyn (3,117ft/950m).

Catstycam - Swirral EdgeSwirral Edge

The final stretch of the climb was tricky as the wind was blowing straight over the cliff and there was a short stretch of frozen snow.  The photo shows a group of walkers trying to stand up next to the trig pillar.

Helvellyn - Wind Dance

The return route took us over Helvellyn Lower Man (3,035ft/925m), White Side (2,831ft/863m) and Raise (2,897ft/883m), before following the Sticks Pass back to Glenridding.

Helvellyn - Trig Point

Helvellyn from Raise


From the car park in Glenridding (NY386169).

Helvellyn Route

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