Beda Fell

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
9.7 miles/15.6km
2950ft/899m ascent
Wainwright #137, #138 & #139

Today we thought we deserved a break from ten mile hikes and 3,000 feet ascents.  So we caught the Ullswater Steamer to Howtown and walked up and down Hallin Fell (1,273ft/388m); and up and down Steel Knotts (1,417ft/432m); and then up and down Beda Fell (1,670ft/509m).  We were quite surprised when this turned out to be about ten miles long and 3,000 feet climbing.

There was a cold wind on the lake, so we huddled with hats, gloves and coats for the half hour boat ride to the start of our walk.  Our first hill is Hallin Fell and we sped up the grassy slopes from the church in Martindale.  The huge pillar on the summit is quite distinctive and we were lucky to get a photo of the famous ‘Hound of Hallin Fell’ peering out from behind the cairn.

Ullswater SteamerHallin Fell

We hurried back the way we came and set off again along the ridge of Steel Knotts.  To the East the huge High Street range rising to Rampsgill Head (2,598ft/792m) fills the view; and Place Fell (2,156ft/657m) dominates the view to the West; but there are pleasant glimpses of Ullswater and The Nab (1,890ft/576m) as you climb to the summit (Pikeawassa) with it’s unusual pointed rock top.

HowtownThe Nab

We walked back down and some hours after we set off were on the valley floor less than a mile from the lakeside pier where we started our walk.  Our final, and highest  hill for the day is the long ridge of Beda Fell which forms the Eastern side of Boredale.

Beda HeadHelvellyn from Beda Fell

We followed the familiar route back down Boredale Hause to Patterdale in warm sunshine and managed to find the easier lower path.


Parked in Glenridding (NY389169) and caught the Ullswater Steamer to Howtown.

Beda Fell Route


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