Bowfell & Crinkle Crags

Saturday, 19 April 2014
9.8 miles/15.7km
4450ft/1357m ascent
Trail 100 #33
Wainwright #141 & #142

Another glorious day and we drove to the Langdale valley arriving before it got too busy. Crinkle Crags (2,818ft/859m) and Bowfell (2,959ft/902m) are often walked together and our plan is add a couple more mountains; Pike O’Blisco (2,313ft/705m) and Cold Pike (2,300ft/701m) to the route.

Pike of StickleLangdale Pikes

It was still cold as we set off past a small wood up the slopes of Pike O’Blisco.  This is a pretty mountain with a distinctive stepped summit and a great view of the Langdale Pikes across the valley.

From the top of Pike O’Blisco you can see Wetherlam (2,503ft/763m) and the hills we climbed a few days ago and all of our route for today.  The knobbled ridge of Crinkle Crags getting closer with each step.

Pike O'Blisco Summit

A quick descent to Red Tarn and then back up to Cold Pike on the opposite side of the col. Although only a short detour from the busy main path, Cold Pike was a quiet place to stop for a snack.

Cold Pike SummitBowfell from Crinkle Crags

Re-joining the busy ridge route over Crinkle Crags we followed the stony path as it winds, rising and falling over each of the crinkles that give this mountain its name.  We did go over the Bad Step, but forgot to take any photographs.

Crinkle Crags and BowfellScafell and Scafell Pike

With tired legs we arrived at the foot of the eroded scree covered path to the top of Bowfell. The top of this very popular mountain was so crowded that each rock had someone standing on it, like a group of meerkats shoulder to shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of the view; and the view of the Scafell Pikes was magnificent.

Pike O'Blisco

Turning our backs on Bowfell and Crinkle Crags we walked back down to the valley via The Band looking at the sun shining on Pike O’ Blisco and Pike of Stickle (2,326ft/709m).


From the Old Dungeon Ghyll car park (NY287061)

Bowfell Route


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