Sugar Loaf

Friday, 2 May 2014
800ft/245m ascent
Trail 100 #34

We have never walked in this part of Britain before and it was a surprise to see the ‘volcano’ shaped pyramid of Sugar Loaf (1,955ft/596m) rising above Abergavenny.  We were in a rush to climb this hill so we set off from the National Trust car park and walked over the bilberry and grass covered slopes.

Sugar Loaf PathAnother surprise, to those unfamiliar with the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons was the herd of ponies mixed in with the sheep.

It was a bit of a grey dull day as we walked quickly to the summit, pausing for photos and then straight back down for the drive to our next hill.

Sugar Loaf ProfileSheepAbergavennySugar Loaf Summit


From the National Trust car park (SO269167)

Sugar Loaf Route



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