Abberley Hill

Sunday, 4 May 2014
1075ft/325m ascent

We had considered travelling back to South Wales today, but the distance was too great and we opted for a walk around Great Witley in Worcestershire.  It was a beautiful Spring day and we walked down a dusty track to the remains of Witley Court.  The shell of this building is all that remains after a fire in 1937, but the small church survives and has an incredible baroque interior.  We stopped for a cup of tea and sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Witley Court

Witley Church

The ceiling and windows of the church were painted in the early 18th Century and are a surprising contrast to the plain stone exterior of the building.

We walked back down the track past a huge tree dying from the quantity of mistletoe growing on it’s branches. I couldn’t identify the type of tree as it’s own leaves were so stunted and yellow.


Passing back through Great Witley we set off up the wooded slopes of Abberley Hill (928ft/283m), passing apple orchards and glades filled with bluebells as we followed the well trodden path to the ridge.  The view from both sides is of the green rolling fields and reminded me of similar views from the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire.

The path took us back down into the valley and into the village of Abberley with its 13th Century church – very simple, very small and very plain compared to Great Witley – but beautiful none-the-less.

BluebellsSunken Path

OrchardResting on Abberley HillChurch RoofAbberley Church

From Abberley we followed roads and tracks past the Clock Tower and eventually back to the car.



From the car park in Great Witley (SO757658)

Abberley Hill Route


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