High Pike (Caldbeck)

Friday, 23 May 2014
1650ft/500m ascent
Trail 100 #37
Wainwright #145 & #146

A poor weather forecast with high winds made us abandon the walk we had planned and go for a less craggy route in the far North of the Lake District.  The Caldbeck Fells are wild, have few visitors and are scarred with the remains of intensive mining.

We set off (typically) by walking straight up the hill following a steep ravine. Very pretty with views towards Ullswater and occasional trees sprouting from the crags.

The Route UpTree on a Crag

However, as we neared the top of the hill we disappeared into the mist which would remain with us for the rest of the ridge walk.Disappearing in to the Mist

I enjoy the challenge of navigating with map and compass without being able to ‘cheat’ by using visual clues; and today we managed to follow our chosen route over Carrock Fell (2,175ft/663m), Round Knott (1,978ft/803m), Miton Hill (1,991ft/607m) and High Pike (2,159ft/658m).  I did use a GPS to confirm our location on two occasions.Carrock Fell 2Carrock Fell 1

The summit of Carrock Fell was an Iron Age hill fort and the remains of the stone walls cover the plateau.  They looked eerie in the mist.  The terrain between Carrock Fell and High Pike is boggy and covered with a scattering of small pools.

High PikeThe summit of High Pike has three features: a stone bench, a trig point and a stone shelter where we ate our lunch.  The view from the bench at the top is supposed to be wonderful.  We didn’t see anything as we sat and ate our sandwiches in the cloud.

Great View on a Clear DayWe rejoined the miners track and quickly dropped below the cloud.  Now able to see, we walked passed the old mine shafts and huge piles of debris; discarded piles of stone and brightly coloured gashes in the green grass covered hill.


Dropping Below the CloudsOld Mine Shaft

Back at the road we walked across Caldbeck Common, stopping to chat to the sheep and ponies.  No apples, so we couldn’t feed them.  We crossed the stream by the bridge, and walked back to the car with a splendid view of Little Mell Fell (height), Great Mell Fell (height), Gowbarrow Fell (height) and Place Fell (height).

Carrock Fell and Howthwaite StoneTalking to More AnimalsBaaaOn a BridgeGreat Mell Fell and Place Fell


Starting at the road (NY354337).

High Pike Route


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