Raven Crag

Sunday, 25 May 2014
810ft/247m ascent
Wainwright #150

Another short walk through the woods to a rocky crag overlooking Thirlmere. We chose this pretty little hill to complete the first of our walking challenges: 150 Wainwrights.

If you like woodland walks, then the ascent to Raven Crag (1,512ft/461m) in May is beautiful.

Woods 2  Woods 1Woods 3

There are glimpses of the crag all the way from the start, and as you get higher the Helvellyn (3,117ft/950m)  ridge appears followed by Skiddaw (3,054ft/931m) to the North.

Clough HeadRaven Crag

Emerging at the rocks at the top of the cliff the whole length of the Thirlmere reservoir lies below and we sat in the sunshine enjoying the view.

Summit 2Summit 1


From the layby at (NY307190).  There is a pay and display car park at the nearby junction if the free parking is full.

Raven Crag Route


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