Saturday, 14 June 2014
2215ft/675m ascent
Trail 100 #38

The Trail 100 list of great mountains in the United Kingdom has impressed us until today.  All of the other hills have either been spectacular, or have possessed stunning views, or both!  Maesglase (2218ft/676m) failed to deliver.

It was a pleasant climb to the top, and the woods and waterfalls were nice – but there was nothing dramatic or spectacular about the route we chose.  The view from the top?  You could see the spiky crown of Cadair Idris (2930ft/893m) and the long dark ridge of Aran Fawddwy (2969ft/905m), but they were distant – there was nothing spectacular about this mountain.

So, after three hours walking in the sunshine we got in the car and drove a few miles to the foot of our next hill, hoping for something better.


Here’s Gillian explaining to a lost lamb that mummy sheep is ‘just over there’.



From the lay-by on the A470 at SH848155.

Maesglase Route


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