The Cheviot

Saturday, 28 June 2014
2100ft/640m ascent
Trail 100 #41

A slight navigational error changed our plans for the whole weekend.  We set for a long trek around The Cheviot (2674ft/815m) in the far North East of England just by the Scottish border, and planned to walk up a much smaller hill, Roseberry Topping (1050ft/320m) on our way back home on Sunday. But we missed our path and arrived 200m away from the stile over the fence. We could have walked the short distance to the stile, but the weather wasn’t great so we decided to take a shorter route and try and complete both hills in one day.

Broadhope Hill

The Cheviot is a huge lump, with an extensive view as you climb the bracken covered lower slopes and then the high peat fells. The path across the top is paved, which is good – because otherwise it would be an unpleasant trudge across a bog. The summit is marked with an large tower, but there isn’t a view from the flat top only the nearby flat marshy land is visible.

Scald Hill  Cheviot Hills

Instead of our planned circular walk around the hill we turned around and dashed back down the pretty valley as a few light showers arrived. We got in the car and set off for our next hill.

Pennine Way The Cheviot


From the road at NT956226. The Cheviot Route



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