Roseberry Topping

Saturday, 28 June 2014
564ft/172m ascent
Trail 100 #42

From The Cheviot (674ft/815m) we drove the long distance South past Morpeth and Newcastle and Middlesborough, the weather improving all the time until we arrived at the foot of the small distinctive Roseberry Topping (1050ft/320m).  This cute little hill has a name to match and we walked up the dusty track in the afternoon sunshine.

Wooded Path

The path is stepped and paved and quite steep, but short and no challenge for us.  From the top the view South is over the empty landscape of the North York Moors; while North is the industrial sprawl of Middlesbrough.

North York Moors Roseberry Topping  Summit 2 Rocks

We stopped at the top for photographs and then walked slowly back down the same route to the car.  We then drove back through the Tyne tunnel and ate a fabulous supper at The Village Inn in Longframlington.


From the car park at NZ571128.

Roseberry Topping Route



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