Cross Fell

Sunday, 29 June 2014
2283ft/696m ascent
Trail 100 #43

Over a big breakfast at The Coach House we discussed what to do.  We had finished our planned walks for the weekend a day early.  Afterwards Sue let us know what she would have done: ‘Gone for a mooch around and gone to a coffee shop’ – a good suggestion for a summer Sunday.

We stopped off in Hexham on the drive back from Northumberland and bought a map before climbing the largest mountain in the Pennines.  At 2,930ft/893m Cross Fell is one of the largest hills in England but, because it lies outside the big hill walking areas (The Lake District or Snowdonia), it isn’t a popular climb.  Which is a shame, because it is good walk and the view to the West of the nearby Lake District fells is superb.


We walked up the bridleway, always a good route up a mountain as the path tends to be wider and less steep.  Once over the first shoulder of the fell the ground becomes boggy before rising to a fortress of loose rock and scree.


The top is a flat expanse of grass with a scattering of stones which have been built into a series of cairns and shelters.  The large white golf-ball shaped radar dome on Great Dun Fell is prominent to the South, but it is the panoramic view of the Lake District fells to the West which is fantastic.

Shelter Pennine Way Cairn Lake District SkylineSummit

We charged down the mountain using the same route and got back in time to listen to the Netherlands vs Mexico World Cup football match on the way back home.


From the road at  NY646325.

Cross Fell Route

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