Great Gable and Pillar

Sunday, 24 August 2014
4970ft/1210m ascent
Trail 100 #45 & # 46
Wainwright #162, #163, #164 & #165

The Mosedale Horseshoe is recognised as a tough walk over some of the roughest mountain terrain.  So we decided to add Great Gable (2949ft/899m) and Kirk Fell (2631ft/802m) on to the traditional route to make it a real challenge.  This allowed us to complete two Trail 100 mountains in a single day.

WasdaleFrom Wasdale Head we headed up the valley to the col between Great Gable and Kirk Fell before turning South and climbing over scree covered ground to the summit of Great Gable.  We stopped for a photograph and then returned to the col before climbing up the other side to Kirk Fell.

Great Gable from Kirk Fell

From the flat top of Kirk Fell there is a steep scramble down to the Black Sail Pass followed by another scree coated ascent to the summit of Pillar (2927ft/892m).  This time avoiding the detour to Robinson’s Cairn and Pillar Rock (2559ft/780m).Pillar

Heading West we crossed to Scoat Fell (2759ft/841m) and then descended to Red Pike (Wasdale) (2710ft/826m) before reaching Dore Head.  Having descended this route a couple of years earlier by running down the scree, we attempted the same again only to discover that the scree is now a mass of loose boulders.  Forty minutes later we arrived at the foot of the hill with shaking legs almost unable to walk.  Which explains why the route map finishes at the pub!

Pillar from Red PikeDore Head Scree


From the car park at  NY187084. Pillar Route

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