My feet really ache after any long hill walk.  Sometimes the following morning I can’t even stand up they are so painful.  So, in June I sought professional advice and went to see a podiatrist.

I know that the arches on my feet are high, and it seems that the shape of my feet is responsible for a condition called plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot).

I left the consultation with three suggestions.  First to spend more time stretching calf muscles every day.  Second to avoid walking on my toes even on steep uphill slopes.  Third get some custom made carbon fibre insoles for my boots and shoes.

While waiting for the insoles to be manufactured, I tried the first two techniques on our walk up Grisedale Pike and the results were good.  I could actually walk without pain the next morning. The Great Gable and Pillar walk was my first real test of the insoles.

The stiff short bumpy inserts feel very odd at first, like you are walking with some rounded pebbles inside your boot, but you get used to them and quickly forget they are there.  The results were brilliant, my feet were sore after a strenuous eight hour walk, but the sharp pain I used to experience with each step was completely gone.

I’m looking forward to many more walks with my new pain free feet.


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