Rhobell Fawr

Sunday, 14 September 2014
2024ft/617m ascent
Trail 100 #49

It was a relief to find that Rhobell Fawr is a proper mountain with a good circular route and a great view from the top. The walk was made even better by the huge number of ripe blackberries we found in the hedgerows at the start of the walk. Our enjoyment was marred slightly by encountering two elderly men who were trying to round up their hounds who had been set free in the forest. The dogs, Pippa, Twizzle and many others didn’t want to return to their stick wielding owners.  I’ve never had a dog cower at my feet before and I hate to think how they had been treated.

Rhobell Fawr

Some of the forested areas shown on the map had been recently felled and we walked through high huge piles of logs before climbing steeply towards the summit.  The top was cold and windswept, so we didn’t linger and sheltered behind a wall for a quick snack.


We returned via the same lanes and collected enough blackberries for a crumble, which was delicious and just perfect after a weekend walking in the hills.


From the car park at  SH805221.

Rhobell Fawr Route

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