This Week

Spent a few days at Whitbarrow in the Northern Lake District.  Climbed Gowbarrow Fell, Little Mell Fell, Great Mell Fell, Great Calva, Knott, Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Longlands Fell, Meal Fell, Great Cockup, Binsey and Dodd over three days.


Around Easedale in Snow

… where the skies cleared to give some great views of Ullscarf.

Around Easedale in Snow

Sunday, 5 February 2017
10.69 miles/17.2 km
3,005 ft/916 m ascent
6 hours 30 minutes

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Set off from Grasmere with plenty of mist on the fell summits.  Got mistier as we ascended Helm Crag (1,329ft/405m) and completely cloudy by the top of Gibson Knott (1,378ft/420m).  Boggy terrain and difficult to identify a good route to the top of Calf Crag (1,762ft/537m) and then up to the top of Codale Head (2,402ft/732m) …

Calf Crag
Gilian on Gibson Knott







… where the skies cleared to give some great views of Ullscarf (2,382ft/726m) and the Langdale valley.


Lengthy trek over the Blea Rigg (1,775ft/541m)  ridge to Silver How (1,296ft/395m) watching the clouds dancing in the afternoon sunshine!

View from Blea Rigg



Fairfield Horseshoe

Fairfield Horseshoe

Sunday, 29 January 2017
11.25 miles/18.1 km
3,202 ft/976 m ascent
5 hours 43 minutes

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The summit of Fairfield (2,864ft/873m) was white.  The stones covered in white snow .. no shadows.  The sky was white.  The air full of sharp cold hard flakes of white snow.  Completely disorientating – plodding through the brightness following a trail of footprints and the compass needle.

Set off from Ambleside in good weather and walked along the track to Rydal Mount before climbing the steep stepped path up Nab Scar (1,476ft/450m) and disappearing into the mist.

Windy up here!!








The snow was deep enough for spikes as we walked over Heron Pike (2,008ft/612m) and Great Rigg (2,513ft/766m) to the summit of Fairfield.  The walk from there to Hart Crag (2,697ft/822m) and Dove Crag (2,598ft/792m) was in a complete whiteout .. hard to see your feet and with a bitter cold wind.  There is something nice about boots “crumping snow” (John Clare 1827 The Shepherd’s Calendar).

The cloud stayed with us the whole day until the skies cleared as we descended from High Pike (2,152ft/656m) towards Low Pike (1,667ft/508m) (the last hill of the day).

View back towards Red Screes from Low Pike


High Rigg & Raven Crag

High Rigg & Raven Crag

Sunday, 22 January 2017
9.20 miles/14.8 km
1,847 ft/563 m ascent
3 hours 49 minutes

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Misty dull day so we chose a low level walk at the Northern end of the Thirlmere valley.  Parked in the United Utilities car park and set off up the steep climb to Wren Crag (1,020ft/311m) and then the long march across the grass and bog ridge to High Rigg (1,171ft/357m).  We stopped to photograph the mere where you have to be agile to keep your feet dry.

The Agile Marsh
Wren Crag








A steep descent to the road by St John’s in the Vale church (very pretty) and then walked back towards Thirlmere and the foot of Raven Crag (1,512ft/461m).  There is a new wooden viewing platform and lots of steps near the summit of this pretty crag.

Gillian at Raven Crag

Back down the same path (there isn’t an obvious alternative and then to the car over the Thirlmere reservoir dam.

Thirlmere Dam