Kentmere Horseshoe

Fabulous day ridge walking in sunshine.

Ill Bell Summit Panorama

Sunday, 2 April 2017
15.41 miles/24.8 km
4,019 ft/1,225 m ascent
6 hours 54 minutes

… more photos on Flickr

Early morning start from Kentmere, taking the last parking space by the church. Trekked up the Garburn Pass and then turning right to ascend Yoke (2,316ft/706m), and then the fabulous ridge over Ill Bell (2,484ft/757m), and Froswick (2,362ft/720m) to Thornthwaite Crag (2,572ft/784m).


From Thornthwaite Crag we decided to add on Gray Crag (2,293ft/699m) and then retraced our steps and up on to High Street (2,717ft/828m).  Then back to the classic Kentmere Horseshoe.

Mardale Ill Bell (2,493ft/760m) and the descent to the Nan Bield Pass for lunch in the wind shelter. Crowded with walkers and cyclists. After lunch climbing to Harter Fell (2,556ft/779m) and then the slightly boggy trail over Kentmere Pike (2,395ft/730m) and down to Shipman Knotts (1,926ft/587m).

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